A Poem

Picture this
A world that has no word for dominance
No concept of hierarchy
A language that doesn’t have words meant to hurt
A society that’s never known violence against
women or children
Where women have sovereignty
over their own bodies
Where men know how to nurture
Where every child is wanted
Where ancestors are honored
Where the older women become,
the more valuable they are
Where people listen deeply
Where circles are sacred
Where animals, plants, and insects are relatives
Where people laugh
and dance
and sing
every day
Where everyone’s time is their own
Where togetherness is a given
Where fresh air, fresh water, and fresh food
is abundant
Where everything in nature has a spirit
Where to be wild is to be free
Where the Great Spirit and Mother Earth
are one

This is where we come from
The Lakota
The Bushmen
The Aboriginal Australians
The Kogi
The Hopi
The Haudenosaunee

This is what we humans know deep in our bones
Can you hear the drum beat in your ardent heart?

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